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Volunteers Needed!

Our activities are are only limited by the number of volunteers!
Please join in to help us be the best organization possible.

Advertising Children's Activities Parade of Breeds Shepherd's Lead
Breakdown Fleece Show & Sale Photo Competition Show Ring
Breeds Exhibit Gate Setup Vendors

Advertising Committee Fleece Show Committee Sheep Show Committee Workshop Committee

Meeting Minutes

  Description Contact/ Committe Chair   Volunteers/ Committe Members
Gate 2 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday, 2 people needed for each shift Eunice Bench    
      9-11 Sat Leonard Guzzino

Susanne Ohl
      11-1 Sat

Susanne Ohl

Tom Chenal

      1-3:30 Sat Shelley Nussbaum

Bob May
      9-11 Sun Bob Wolfe

Dan Mundy
      11-1 Sun Tom Chenal

we need you!

1-3:30 Sun

Tom Chenal

we need you!
Fleece Show & Sale   Andrea Holladay  
  Fleece Check-in Friday 3-5 PM.    

Andrea Holladay

Sue Posbergh/ Shelley Nussbaum

  Fleece Check-in Saturday 9-11 AM, at least 2 people needed (runner & checkin).    

Andrea Holladay

Shelley Nussbaum - checkin

Sue Posbergh - checkin

Sara Bauer - runner

  2 hour shifts Saturday and Sunday to handle sales and questions.     Andrea Holladay

Lisa Kugler
  Entering scores into spreadsheet (copy from paper to computer).  Laptop also needed  (Excel spreadsheet already setup to tabulate scores and select winners).     Kim Decher
  Judge assistant (unroll for judging and re-roll fleeces after judging  into bags).     Anne Westerman  
Show Ring Eunice Bench   we need you!

  Announcer Sat. and Sun.     Kevin Melvin
  Scribe (record show results)     Reni/Kevin Melvin
  Present Ribbons     Eunice/4H Volunteer
Setup   Eunice Bench  


  we need you!
Breakdown   Eunice Bench  
  TBD     we need you!
Photo Competition Contest Info Eunice Bench  
  Photo display area needs to be re-designed.     Andrea Holladay
  Check-in Saturday 9-10 AM     Margerie Nussbaum
  Judge     Joan Schneider
Shepherd's Lead Competition Contest Info. Andrea Holladay    
  Judges (2)     (1) Rose Mogerman
(2) Joan Schnieber
  Organize and assemble participants in order before each  class. Hand out ribbons and record results.     we need you!
  Announcer     we need you!
Breed Exhibit & Parade of Breeds   Shelley Nussbaum    
  Parade: Organize and assemble participants for entry to show ring, ensure written descriptions for the breeds are received before the parade and in same order as participants, announce/ read descriptions in show ring.     Jennifer Elgrim

Shelley Nussbuam

  Exhibit Shelley Nussbaum    
  Friday afternoon 3-6PM to help exhibitors find their location, answer questions.     Shelley Nussbaum

Jennifer Elgrim
  Saturday morning 8-9AM to help exhibitors find their location, answer questions.     Shelley Nussbaum

 Jennifer Elgrim

  Exhibitors.     TBD
  Judges (2)     (1) Joan Schnieber
(2) Andrea Hollady
Children's Activities   Chair person to organize and coordinate volunteers needed. 
Also volunteers to take shifts in the area during the Festival are needed. 
 Material donations and suggestions available from other Festival Committee members.
  Mary M.
Advertising Please coordinate but can use help placing ads in local publications. Eunice Bench   we need you!
Vendors   Eunice Bench or Andrea Holladay    
  Available to answer questions when vendors are setting up Friday afternoon 3-6PM     Andrea Holladay

Eunice Bench
  Available to answer questions when vendors are setting up Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.     Steve Feryok

Advertising Committee
Eunice Bench (Chair)
Place ads in online and paper sources, coordingating placement and sticking to budget.

Next Meeting:
Fleece Show/Sale Committee
Andrea Holladay (Chair)
Judi Lehrhaupt
Kim Decher
Logistics for entries, judging, sales.  Staff show and sale.
Next Meeting:
Sheep Show Committee
Eunice Bench
Reni Melvin
Kevin Melvin
Don Kniffen
Organize show, select judge & make any needed arrangements, determine show entry form and premiums, determine show schedule, tabulate show results & provide for posting on web site, pay premiums.
Next Meeting:
Workshop Committee
Eunice Bench
Determine feasibility of doing workshops Friday afternoon.
Next Meeting:

Info Last Updated: 21-August-2014