Garden State Sheep Breeders

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The Garden State Sheep Breeders has a collection of library books, magazines and videos available to club members. Call Mary Duh at (610) 390-8409 or email to make arrangements.


    Anatomy of the Fetal Pig
    Warren F. Walker Jr., 1988
    Annual Compilation of Papers on the Health & Disease of Small Ruminants
    American Association of Small Ruminant Practioners, 1997
    Beginning Shepherd's Manual
    Barbara Smith, 1985
    British Sheep Breeds
    Elizabeth Henson, 1986
    British Sheep Breeds, Their Wool and Its Use
    British Wool Marketing Board, 1978
    Colored Sheep: Exploring Their Beauty & Function World Congress on Coloured Sheep, 1989
    Dairy Goats
    Diana Gregory, 1976
    The Hill Shepherd
    Edward Hart, 1977
    In Sheep's Clothing - A Handspinner's Guide to Wool
    Nola Fournier, Jane Fournier, 1995
    Keeping Sheep
    Elisabeth Downing, 1985
    Lamb Problems: Detecting, Diagnosing, Treating
    Laura Lawson, 1996
    Livestock Health & Housing
    David & Peter Sainsbury, 1979
    Livestock Showmans Handbook: Guide for Raising Animals for Junior Livestock Shows
    Roger Pond, 1986
    Making Great Cheese at Home
    Barbara Ciletti, 1999
    Managing Your Ewe and Her Newborn Lambs
    Laura Lawson, 1997
    Nutrient Requirements of Sheep
    National Research Council, 1985
    A Practical Guide to Sheep Disease Management
    Norman Gates, 1985
    Raising Sheep the Modern Way
    Paula Simmons (2 copies)
    Sheep Dog - Its Work and Training
    Tim Longton & Edward Hart, 1976
    Sheep Housing & Equipment Handbook
    Harvey J. Hirning, Tim C. Faller, Karl J. Hoppe, 1982
    Sheep Production Handbook (SID)
    American Sheep Industry Association, 1988
    The Sheep Raiser's Manual
    William R. Kruesi (2 copies)
    Showing Sheep: Select, Feed, Fit, & Show
    Laura Lawson, 1994
    Small Farms - Livestock Buildings and Equipment
    Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service, 1984
    TV Vet Sheep Book
    Eddie Staiton, 1984
    Veterinary Parasitology
    Omar O. Barriga, 1995
    Weeds of the Northeast
    Richard H. Uva, Joseph C. Neal, Joseph M. DiTomaso, 1997
    Your Sheep - A Kid's Guide to Raising and Showing
    Paul Simmons, Darrell L. Salsbury, 1992


    National Geographic, May 1988, Wool: Fabric of History
    Nina Hyde


    The Basics of Good Sheep Management (2 hours)
    Rural Route Videos
    British Wool Naturally (15 minutes)
    British Wool Board
    The Clinical Signs of Scrapie (10 minutes)
    US Department of Agriculture, 1997
    Lambing Time Management #1: The Pre-Lambing Period (48 minutes)
    Don Bailey, Woody Lane, 1993
    Lambing Time Management #2: Lambing (51 minutes)
    Don Bailey, Woody Lane, 1993
    Lambing Time Management #3: The Post-Lambing Period (37 minutes)
    Don Bailey, Woody Lane, 1993
    Iowa State Fair
    Martha Stewart Living, 1999
    Old Chatham Sheep Farm
    Martha Stewart Living, 1999
    A Wolf in the Fold (1 hour)
    PBS Nature Series, 1989